When God interrupts...

On Tuesday, January 7th, a friend of the church passing by noticed flames and called 911. The Alma and Ithaca fire departments responded within 10 minutes, and those dedicated volunteers worked to put out the fire and do an initial inspection for cause. At this time, we believe electrical wiring above the entrance started the blaze. There is extensive damage to the interior, which is now secured until further decisions can be made.

We worship!

The church is not a building, and God is not contained within any walls made by man. God is not surprised or confounded by this event, and we know He will use it to show His glory. He has a plan for every one of us! We praise Him for His provision, His constant care for us, and the blessings He has in store for our family.

We are so thankful that no one was in the building at the time, that God sent a friend who would notice and respond, for our first responders, and for the many offers of sympathy and assistance from area churches and friends. We know that God's love sometimes looks like a text message or sounds like a fire truck.

We listen!

On January 1st, we started a 40-day prayer journey and book study based on Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. We have committed ourselves to seeking God's voice and will in our lives and for our church. Seven days into this journey, God is already showing that His plan is never what we expect. As we discuss our next steps, we anticipate that He will speak clearly and we will follow.

We go forward!

Beginning Sunday, 1/12/20, and thanks to a generous invitation from Alma First Church of God, we will hold our services at The Filling Station, 415 Park Ave., in Alma. Our new service time will be 11:00 a.m. We will have coffee, worship, and a lesson, as always with an unconventional approach but full of Biblical truth. 

After this, who knows? Well, God knows. So...

We trust in God's plan!

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