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A "Tail" of the Ridiculous Guinea Fowl

April 25, 2017


First time I saw them, I laughed out loud! I couldn't believe my eyes. Was there really such a bird? Their bald, bright blue head and neck, and red wattles. On top of all that they don an orange helmet that is triangular in shape. Really? They have black plumage with bright white spots. And their body shape? Well, it looks like a large coconut with its strange helmeted head with toothpick legs!


These gregarious creatures live in groups of up to 200 birds. They are opportunistic eaters and will dine on a variety of seeds, fruit, vegetables, snails, small mammals, worms, spiders, frogs, lizards and small snakes. Obviously not picky eaters.


They usually feed in the early morning and late afternoon. Oh and by the way, they usually walk when foraging for their eclectic diet, though they can actually fly. But it seems most of the time they forget they can.


This leads me to my story, or more accurately, my parable ...


My friend, Sandy, lived on a mountainside near Cape Town and in the early morning would watch these birds walk down to the valley below her home to feed. Each evening she would spy them wandering back up the hill to roost. Day after day they'd repeat this routine....


Until disaster struck! Someone decided to construct a fence across their path. A very long fence!


She watched, intrigued. In the morning as they reached the fence they'd "worry, worry" this way, and "worry, worry" that way. Back and forth they'd "worry". And then as if it suddenly dawned on them... " Oh, we've got wings, we can fly". And with that sudden realization they'd take off over the fence to their feeding grounds below in the valley.


So, what would happen on the way back up? The same thing! "Worry, worry," this way and "Worry, worry" that way making one heck of a commotion until...yes, you guessed it, they'd rediscover they could fly! And over they would fly on up the mountainside to roost.


The amazing thing about this saga is that this occurred every single day! And still occurs every day.


"So what?" You may ask, "They're only dumb birds."

These dumb birds have taught me a wonderful lesson.


Let me share it with you.


How many times do we face a situation that seems insurmountable? And we "worry, worry" this day, and "worry, worry" the next, until we realize we can pray, we can overcome... We can fly! And we thank God and we go on our our way.


But the next time we face a troubling situation, what do we do? Yes, you're right, we worry, fret, and get chewed up with anxiety until.... once again! We remember that we can fly. Why are we so slow to believe? To remember? So slow to turn to our God who is an ever-present help in trouble? 


You have wings. You can fly!


“Faith does not deny a problem's existence

it just denies it a place of influence.

Bill Johnson





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