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January 4, 2018

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5th 4th July!


I think I'm just going to make the deadline for this Monday Musing by the skin of my teeth! Skin of my teeth? Such a weird sounding phrase isn't it?


As I'm writing this, the balmy night air is exploding with a multiplicity of noises -  hisses, crashes, Cracking, fizzes  and ear-splitting bangs! And the dogs and cats in the neighborhood have disappeared. If they're inside, they'll be behind the toilet or under the bed. If they're outside they'll be hiding as deep and as far away from the noise as possible, salivating, shivering, shaking, just terrified.


And it's not even the 4th..... And I've just arrived back from an equally noisy gathering of about sixty warm, noisy bodies all laughing, playing, shouting, chasing, and of course, eating the most deliciously ridiculous assortment of fun food! And it's not even the 4th...yet!

Having been born in Zimbabwe I had access to their citizenship, but my parents, who were South African citizens made sure I had the same as theirs. When Rory, my husband, and I moved from Cape Town, north to Southwest Africa/Namibia in 1982 our SA citizenship was accepted there as it was still a part of SA. But in 1990 Namibia became an independent nation and we faced a dilemma. Rory was employed by the Ministry of Education and along with many other South Africans was told that he would have to change his citizenship in order to remain employed by the Namibia government. We prayed about it and felt that since our primary citizenship was in the Kingdom of Heaven, then it didn't really matter where we were citizens.  


We spent 22 months in Michigan for Rory to study at MSU. While there we got involved in a local Vineyard church. We returned in 1997 to be on staff of that church. After eight years in April 2013 we took the plunge to choose to become citizens of the USA. Why? Because we wanted to have a voice in this nation where we felt our hearts had settled, where we were involved and knew where we were meant to be. It was a long, costly process, but one we felt was necessary. We felt Jeremiah 29:7 was the scripture the Lord had given to us.

seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper." 


And so, in order to be a part of what God is doing in this nation, we joyfully became citizens.


Happy Fourth of July to you all.


Until next week ...










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